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SJ Wanted's go BYE!


The Wanted's run away!

        Beware everyone! All the people on the wanted list

have escaped! Some may be in bars, clubs or ordinary

jail cell. We have curently located and imprisoned 2 of

the most wanted people on the list. 1 is Trina Jade Tobias,

she has been wanted for very serious crimes, some are:

drugs, illegal logging, child abuse, 1st degree murder

bombing, 3rd degree murder and homiside. She was

found, riding SM(smokey mountain) garbage truck and is

back in her jail cell. Meen while...   -page5


New kapre/babalu

    A new 3 eyed monster, dianne

has taken her place in being the next babalu. she was

a former kapre/pig/snot horn/person/monster and other

very creepy things.. Now the whole new babalu has

announced a very important meetiong to be held.

Puzzling, the  word spread...

                    Page 3   


Who let the patos out!

#NOToday a break out in the Pato/Duck center!

The group's break out was led by Ronna Kate. A well known pato.

Ronna Kate has always been wanted because of the trouble

she had caused. One of them is Leonard Da vinchi. He says 

that the duck enters his house and uses his bed as a potty

table! The duck(ronna) has been wanted in 136 different states

and countries.. As it tries to have love affaires.... 



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